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Personality Tests for selection of employment

Quite a large number of employers bring in use personality assessment tests for the selection of employees in order to get to make out individuals who possess something more than academic qualification, skills, and knowledge to prove successful in a position. It is a psychology that possesses the capability to gauge personality and EQ- emotional […]

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How To Start Investing In Stock Market

If you are a new investor and are looking for the steps to start investing in the stock market you are the right place. The steps to help you start investing are: ·         Get a PAN Card: For entering into any financial  transaction in India, the basic requirement is to have a PAN or Permanent […]

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Tests Can Promise Better Recruitments

Recruitment is not all about a personal interview, looking for the anticipated skills and abilities and then hiring an applicant at the desired salary bar.  It is much beyond that and you require making sure that every time you pick a candidate for a desired designation; you take a cautious decision after appropriate assessment.  With […]

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