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Big data and analytics has a big role to play in every business these days. ‘Big’ data doesn’t refer to the data itself; it refers to the capabilities, competencies, and challenges associated with processing and analyzing data. The big data technology aims to support decision-making by transforming the businesses into a big- data- driven organization. […]

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How to Remove Malware from Your Computer?

In this age of rampant cyber attacks, the antivirus software is an absolute necessity. The anti-virus software are designed to keep your PC safe by real-time monitoring, scans and even heuristic analysis of the files, so as to mitigate the threats. However, your PC never becomes foolproof, even with antivirus software. You must always avoid […]

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Latest Social media ideas in 2017

I really wanted to share my insights and ideas on search engine optimization via articles, blogs and press releases. Simply publishing it online was not working well but thanks to the idea of marketing it through social media channels, which brought immediate results. Social media optimization is like growing relations. It involves the use of […]

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