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Details on changing your Dunlop tyres

When speaking of the best tyres on the shelf, Dunlop’s history stretches back to more than a century. Dunlop tyres in Dubai are premium-grade as innovative engineers are constantly deriving new and improved technology in tyre manufacturing.

Dunlop is also official tyre supplier to racing championships, producing a range of makes and models per the varied driving habits. If you’re driving with Dunlop, have a look at the details below on vehicle compatibility and changing the wheels.

Vehicle compatibility

Car manufacturers like Toyota and Ford includes proprietary specifications, laying a certain impact on the type of wheels being installed on the car. To match the vehicle requisites, Dunlop tyres in Dubai are uniquely designed for renowned vehicle models. The tyres come with a list of specifications allowing buyers to choose carefully if they’re even appropriate for their car brands.

Getting started with the changeover

The first thing to determine is you having a spare tyre in the boot or you need to change more than one! If you need to buy a new one, find a tyre with an appropriate width, aspect ratio and rim diameter to ensure proper fit. Determine if you need all-weather, winter or summer tyres as all are different in terms of manufacturing and road traction.

When changing, look for the ground or area having a flat surface to conveniently work on. Shift the gear into Parking whether it’s automatic or manual function. Brace the wheel by placing two heavy objects on either side that can be anything such as brick or a bigger stone.

Now, bring out the spare and jack, make sure jack is positioned properly underneath the frame but should be in contact with the metal surface. Now, start cranking the jack till it supports the entire vehicle. You’re halfway there already when it comes to change Dunlop tyres in Dubai.

The final phase

Once the vehicle’s sustained (not lifted) by the jack, loosen the nuts and bolts with a good quality wrench however, be careful not to take them apart completely. Be sure turning the wrench in anti-clockwise direction. Lift the car more or less six inches above the ground using the jack and better use the stand for extra support especially if yours is a big and heavy vehicle.

Now you may remove the nuts completely, take out the old tyre, align a new and put the nuts back in place. Make sure they’re well-tightened and gently lower the vehicle back on the ground. Replace the hubcap and properly stiffen the bolts using the same wrench.

If your Dunlop tyres in Dubai has recently experienced a dent or split in the rim, better check out rim replacement options instead of changing the wheels. Make sure the new rim accurately matches the existing one bearing the right size for convenience.


To reduce chances of unexpected flat tyre, better use a proper tyre pressure monitoring system as it alerts whenever there’s a sudden deflation for a safe drive all through. Make the most of your Dunlop tyres in Dubai from the above details.

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