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Busting a few myths about SEO!

Search engine optimization is a crucial part for any online business. If you want to succeed over the web, your site needs to have an excellent SEO plan which works well so that you are on the top of your game. Since we are talking about SEO, here are some myths that are on the internet which we want to discuss about.

1. SEO is too costly – When you hire SEO and PPC services in India, you are paying them for countless professional tasks like analysis, market research, trends, finding keywords, marketing and much more. They are doing everything from getting traffic to link building to tags to observations for your site. All of these things take hours and hours every day! Other than this, SEO facilities are not too expensive and in fact they are quite affordable for how much work is put into one site.

2. SEO will not work for every site – No matter what business you have online, SEO will always work. Everyone uses search engines on a day to day basis and people are also on social media most of the time. If they aren’t searching or spending time on social media, they will surely check their emails. In some way or another, with the help of SEO strategies, you will be in the public eye. Search engine optimization works without a doubt!

3. Pay Per Click is more than enough for my website – Pay per click does make a large difference to your site but PPC also involves constant investment and these are temporary results. You cannot be sure that everyone will click on the ads. On the other hand, if you include it in your SEO plan, you are in for a long haul.

4. Search engine optimization keeps on fluctuating – Yes, Google does change the algorithm a few times in the year but they are not going to affect your rankings. If you are already on the first few spots, you can continue using the simple SEO method and you will be doing just as good. Also, the algorithm system is just becoming easier by the year and making it quick for companies to increase their chances of becoming popular and gain high rankings. Isn’t that great for your company?

5. Blogs are not a part of SEO – Blogs and articles on portals are an integral part towards your success. Some people may not visit your site to buy many products but if you have interesting blogs, you can always have good traffic. Other than this, blogs are surely a part of SEO and you can use keywords in between your content to promote your blogs more. You can write blogs for other sites as a guest writer and link it back to your site. Articles and blogs are a must on every site as they help in your SEO strategy and marketing too.

Search engine optimization has been in the online industry since years and it is here to stay. If you wish to gain brand reputation and popularity, you need to start working on your SEO.

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