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Killer SEO Tips & Tricks for Blogs

No matter how many SEO skills you have, Google might anytime put you into trouble. There are several SEO professionals who recommend false practices that Google doesn’t like and support. If you are into SEO then you need to know the tactics and methods which would help you to get better ranking. Blogging is mostly done on a free platform, which motivates a learner or a professional to share productive and useful information. Since content is the king of SEO, so there are many great SEO professionals who call themselves as a Content Marketers.

 Search engine optimization in Sydney is the widely used term among the professionals. Many people are into blogging there and most of them are able to earn a good amount of money. But besides earning money, they are flourishing as a professional because they know that blogging requires good language and a viewpoint that could help the reader to gain interest in the blog.
While employing someone, you need to be extra careful regarding his/her knowledge on tips and tricks that shall be used as a professional SEO. If you come across any of the search engine optimization company in Sydney, you can find out the tactics they use in their work and how it improves their success story. 
Here are some tips and tricks that could help you to improve the optimization of the content and could drive more traffic to your site:
1.       Internal Link Building: Linking should be done from the older articles to the newer posts as it gives your new article a major boost and then Google can easily find the link to the website. Google re-index the content to follow links within the posts. The action required is that you should revisit your older posts and then find a post that has to be cross-linked. This should be an additional item on the checklist for new posts.
2.       Resolve errors in Google Webmaster Tools: Google Webmaster Tools helps in finding out the issues that Google has faced while crawling to the website. With these issues, Google doesn’t allow traffic to reach to that particular site. Google place these issues in the Webmaster Tool as it does not help in indexing the content. So, this tool basically helps you in finding out the problems and then resolving them by giving it an appropriate solution.
3.        Review content that is not ranking: You should always keep a check on the old published contents that whether they are getting traffic or not. It should be done on a monthly basis so that if in case it is found that the post is getting very little traffic then corrective measures can be undertaken in order to drive more traffic.
4.       Consider related keywords: Related keywords shall be considered as a part of your post. The easiest way of finding the related keywords is by searching anything on Google, and then scrolling down to the bottom of the page to look for the related keywords.
5.       Leverage tools to help with SEO: Some of these tools could help you with the optimization process of the content:
a.       SEMRush
b.       Google Keyword Planner
c.       Yoast SEO Plugin
d.       Opensite Explorer
e.       Moz Toolbar
f.         Ahrefs
6.       Strategic guest posting: Guest posting helps to drive traffic to the post and also help with the ranking of the posts. You can get away with adding the link as it is relevant and adds value to the content that you are guest blogging about.
7.       Write long content: It is not possible to write a high-quality content in short articles. For that, you need to write lengthy productive contents. The chances of getting a higher ranking increase with such lengthy and effective contents and it is also considered as one of the most effective techniques in the optimization process.

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