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Leverage The Strengths Of Social Media To Influence Your Business Positively

The ubiquitous social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn, instead of being confined to mere communication and sharing of information with your friends, colleagues, family members and relatives, can be a potent interface for doing business. However, many people including business owners and marketers have reservations about believing in the efficacy of social media when used as an interface for marketing purpose. For according to them, people on social media mainly come for general chatting, uploading of information about themselves in the form of pictures of videos, or are simply curious to know about the happenings in other people’s lives.  

However, to believe in that viewpoint is to limit oneself from taking advantage of the huge potential customer base of social media. The only criterion is to engage this customer base in a meaningful way post which a section of it can become, with time, knowledgeable about your company and its products or services. As this requires deft handling of your social media account including posting of periodical updates and responding to user queries, engaging professionals such as social media marketing services Delhi can yield good results including a positive impact on the company’s ROI in due course. The following are the criteria that you or your team can undertake while dealing with social media marketing.

Open accounts on relevant social media platform only

Each social media platform is frequented by a particular group or demography of people. Opening accounts on every social media platform under the sky and spending precious time on their maintenance do not make any sense. Instead, it would be better to open accounts in platforms where the demography is best placed to be your potential customer base. For example: Indians generally frequent Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram, and so, it won’t make sense to open accounts on sites say, Pinterest, Google+ or Snapchat. Hence, while you hire social media marketing services in Delhi or elsewhere, ensure they don’t spend time, effort and money on dealing with sites that are irrelevant from your marketing point of view.  

Local is global here

Surveys indicate that a majority of products/services/info searches are local in character. In other words, a large section of customers search for information from local accounts or profiles only. This is evident from local profiles featuring in the top ranked searches. Thus, while opening a social media profile ensure that it provides descriptive info about your company, the products or services on offer, contact information, and the opening and closing time. As local profiles on social media platforms form a major chunk of customers’ search patterns, ignoring the same can mean leaving this huge chunk from your radar.

Schedule your posts

Google search algorithms take into account your social media presence and the frequency of posts therein while ranking your website. In other words, if your social media presence is minimal with infrequent or no updation to the content present there, not to speak of fewer communication with users, then brace yourself for your website to get a lower ranking. Social media accounts should not be merely used for generating business leads but made into interfaces to connect with potential customers, if possible, on a daily basis.  Any business dealing with social media marketing services Delhi or elsewhere should impress upon the latter to regularly engage with visitors to the site.

Be specific in targeting customers

Instead of targeting all and sundry and ending up with nothing, it is better to analyze customer traffic based upon criteria such as age, gender, location, occupation, language, and income.

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