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What You Need to Know About Blogging Websites

Blogging can be one of the most vibrant ways to spread your word, and as a matter of fact it can be used to make money online. All you need is some sort of enthusiasm and writing skill to pen down what you think about a particular topic. Blogging can be done in two ways, either on a free blogging platform or at a self hosted webpage. Right now, there are many blogging websites to make a start and gain some blogging experience.
These blogging websites are also used as marketing platforms by some. A new form of marketing has evolved with the popularity of blogs. This is termed as influencer marketing. A blog can also serve the purpose of an influencer marketing platform for companies and products.
Here are some popular blogging websites available in India
·         WordPress
·         Blogger
·         Blogmint
·         Indiblogger
Blogmint provides access to some of the top blogs of India. Whether you want to know more about fashion or travel, real estate or food or anything else, this website provides access to the best bloggers of various categories.
Here are few things to know about bloggingsites India
Numbers matter
While choosing the blogging sites in India as your marketing platforms check for the number of followers for the blog and the blogger especially on social media. The higher the number, the better is the marketing reach of your product.
Target audience
Social media has billions of people on it. Most of these people follow different types of pages, individuals and groups as per their likes and interests. While choosing an influencer platform you should be sure that it has followers that are a target audience of your product, service or company.
Brand Image
It is important that the influencer has a similar image in the social world as your brand. For example, if you sell baby products and have a tattoo artist promoting it. It definitely does not go well. However, if it a mother promoting it, it does look real. You should have a clear understanding of your brand image and the image that the influencer has in the market.
More the Merrier
Influencer marketing comes with a cost attached to it. However, if your budget permits for you to have more influencers than one, it will definitely be a boon. This way you could even increase your reach and reap better benefits.
Quality over quantity
It is true that more is merrier but not always. In the pretext of increasing the number of influencer platforms, if you choose blogging sites that are not relevant but cheaper that is not going to help. You should always choose quality over quantity.
Keep these tricks in mind and do a good amount of homework before deciding on any influencer marketing platform. If used efficiently, this can increase your sales and credibility with your customers by many folds.

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