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Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting Provider over Dedicated Server Hosting Providers

When you wish to showcase your products on the Internet and generate revenues through sales of these products, you will need to establish an online presence. This is possible through a website and a hosting service provider to ensure that the site functions optimally. Most start-ups and smaller businesses tend to choose shared hosting plans where server resources like disk space or memory or bandwidth must be shared collectively amongst users.

However, as the site continues to grow, there is increased demand for additional resources. This is when it becomes necessary to upgrade from shared hosting plans to either VPS plans or dedicated hosting plans. Till very recently, dedicated hosting solutions were found to be enough for handling large volumes of web traffic. But now, the emergence of cloud computing technologies has changed the scenario completely. Today, cloud server hosting providers are found to be in greater demand compared to dedicated hosting providers.

What makes cloud server hosting providers preferable compared to dedicated hosting providers?

  • To start with, every business wants its resources delivered as soon as possible. In this regard, cloud server hosting providers are seen to be scoring ahead of dedicated hosts because cloud computing guarantees resources in real time. You can avail of additional resources as and when you want them and you only pay for what you use. So, for businesses which need to be prepared for sudden traffic surges, cloud hosting is a far better option.
  • Like dedicated servers, cloud servers are also expected to be highly secure and will ensure that critical data is well-protected against hackers. Cloud server hosting providers typically deploy the most robust and strict security arrangements complete with effective firewalls, virus detection systems, data encryption techniques etc. So, cloud hosting will guarantee the same degree of security for your valuable data like the dedicated server, only at much lower costs.
  • The best part about cloud hosting solutions is that no client can over-use the resources or deprive other clients of the resources. Since resources are drawn from a huge resource pool which is supported by multiple servers, there is no fear of resources being used up. With cloud server hosting providers, you can be completely sure of reliability and stability.
  • With dedicated hosting, you may not get root access especially when you have chosen managed dedicated hosting solutions. In VPS hosting, users do enjoy root access and dedicated resources backed by technical supports. But, when you sign up with cloud server hosting providers, you can get complete control of your servers. So, you get to choose custom software you wish to install and the amount of processing power or RAM that you need.
  • With cloud server hosting providers to help you, you will not have to worry about scalability issues. You can upgrade and downgrade your resources seamlessly depending on the traffic demands. However, with dedicated hosting, you may have to wait a while to get the resources you need.

To sum up, cloud servers will provide businesses with all features and benefits of dedicated servers on machines which have shared hardware. So, clients can get all the advantages of dedicated hosting without having to compromise on their performance or privacy. The biggest advantage with cloud server hosting providers is that all these benefits come for a far lower cost. Cloud hosting turns out to be the best possible solution for entrepreneurs with businesses which have rapidly changing demands.

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