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Reasons why DialWebHosting has become a Leading Web Hosting Company

For businesses that are looking for a reputed and dependable web host in the US and in India, DialWebHosting is a good name to consider. This is because this web host has been consistently working hard to offer very secure hosting plans which can give your website the visibility it needs before a large global audience. The web host has come out with multiple hosting packages and you should carefully examine the features and prices of each before signing up for any plan. DialWebHosting is reputed and enjoys a large clientele, catering to more than 10,000 websites. It also offers a wide range of hosting options including WordPress hosting, Linux hosting and Windows hosting, Joomla hosting, and ecommerce hosting and business email hosting solutions etc.

Reasons to choose DialWebHosting as your web hosting service provider:

DialWebHosting has been around since 2000 making it an experienced web host with thousands of clients. It offers excellent data center hosting solutions. Being armed with an experienced staff and cutting –edge technologies, this web host has dominated the world of web hosting. It has long standing relationships with premier suppliers and maintains Tier III data centers. This web host successfully offers a high network uptime of 99.9% and its plans are affordably priced and backed by excellent customer support facilities.

  • Its Tier III data centers are located in seismic-free zones and they are well protected by multiple security layers. They boast of a 6-layer security arrangement which can effectively guard against data breaches, leakage and thefts. Because of their super-secure data centers, you can benefit from enhanced site performance. Their security policies are also supported by round-the-clock support.
  • While this web hosting provider offers a high network uptime, it also successfully offers very reasonable hosting packages. These are easy to use and support cloud technologies, making them more popular than hosting solutions offered by their competitors. The enhanced connectivity makes this web host eliminate all latency issues and ensures that your website is constantly up and running.
  •  DialWebHosting also offers strict protection vis-à-vis their SSL certifications. The web host also offers data encryption methods to protect mission-critical information and to allow customers to carry out online monetary transactions seamlessly.
  • DialWebHosting has become a name to reckon with because it offers both Windows and Linux shared plans; while Linux may be less costly, it is not fit for websites running Microsoft applications. DialWebHosting also provides low-cost VPS hosting plans that give businesses nearly all benefits of dedicated hosting at a far lesser rate. It offers affordable reseller hosting options allowing smaller companies to get complete control of their accounts.
  • DialWebHosting also has carved out a name for itself as a reputed hosting service because of its effective email hosting plans. This means that the company will offer Microsoft Exchange hosting, Zimbra hosting etc which allow for easier and better email management for companies.
  • This web host is reliable because it provides CMMI Level 5-certified data center hosting facilities. So, businesses can easily move onto a hybrid infrastructure. You can be certain of complete data protection because of its multi-layered security arrangements. In colocation hosting, this web hosting company also provides 24x7technical supports, multiple IP addresses, better cooling systems and constant power supplies, higher bandwidth, integrated network connectivity etc. You can also avail of their domain registration facilities and this makes it a one-stop shop for businesses.
  •  Finally, DialWebHosting has also grown into a reputed cloud hosting service provider. Their cloud solutions can guarantee operational superiority for clients; these plans take care of data security and site performance. The company enjoys superior infrastructural facilities and cutting edge technologies which let them streamline the workloads. To be sure you made the right choice; it may be a good idea to read through client testimonials and buyer feedbacks.

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