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The account for stock traders

The share market is a known platform where those who have sufficient knowledge can earn well with the help of trading in the shares of different companies that are listed. The market is restricted to trading sessions, and hence one can carry the trade during the working days and trading sessions only. Those who want to have another business that can offer the good opportunity of earning at limited risk and small capital, trading here can prove as the best opportunity. Those who love to make a profit on a regular basis need to develop some knowledge of the field that can help them to identify the opportunities and grab them.

The trading:

For trading in this market, one needs to have a trading and a demat account. For a trading account, one needs to pay some charges that are known as brokerage charges, and for the demat account, there are fixed annual maintenance charges. There are some service providers who also offer a free demat account for the lifetime so one can save the annual maintenance charge here by opening an account with them. For the brokerage, there are different slabs by different service providers, and many of them also charge them in advance. For a trader, it is an expense, and hence he needs to see that the brokerage charge is low on every trade so that he can save a good amount on every trade and increase the profit.

The brokerage charges depend on lots of factors, and hence one needs to check them before signing the application form for account opening. The account for trading can be with a different broker than with whom the demat account is. In case one does not possess a trading account he needs to get one opened with any of the valid stockbroker or firm active in the stock market that is licensed by the regulatory authorities.

The benefits of online account:

For those who have the knowledge and want to have low brokerage charge, the online trading account can be the best option. The client can log on the website using the user ID and password provided by the service provider. There are many service providers who offer such services. The client can also trade with the help of a smartphone as almost all the service provider offers different applications which are as good as the share market software. Here one can go for all types of trades. He can buy and sell the shares as well as setting the limits. He can set the limits for profit booking and stop loss also. The trader needs to have an internet action to perform all the trades.

The trader can also check his account position where he can see the credit amount. He can also ask for the payment and send the amount to the service provider online only. However, in case of technical trouble, the trader is provided support by the service provider. However, it cannot be a regular practice. The online account offers complete freedom to the trader.

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