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Battle Field-5 Game Review

Battle Field-5 Game Review

Battlefield has successfully created a legacy in Gaming domain. To further build upon this success story, an ambitious launch of Battlefield-V is on the dais. Gaming fans must be fervent to have a tour of this Game World. Here is an overview of the Game for the consumption of the Gaming community. So, brace yourself for the expedition of a deep drive in Battlefield-V.

How about buying Battlefield:

Prima facie battlefield 5 is not a great variant from the previous versions. However, the game fanatics do not have much heightened expectations because the name itself is enough for the fans to go for it. It is certainly created over the strong base of Battlefield-1, hence the acceptance is immensely effortless.

Use of unique tricks, movement of objects as well as gripping description is certainly USPs to count upon. Battlefield has done a fine job in Grand Operations domain. Battlefield has been on the point again with Conquest.

A Walk over the Bridge (Overview):

Although there have not been any versions between the Battlefield 1 & Battlefield 5, still the developers decided to call this one Battlefield-V which will leave you little perplexed. Obviously, the game has made a move from World War 1 to World War 2 with a newly developed Royale mode. Also, you would experience many trivial twist as well as revisions which definitely suit the legacy of Battlefield.

A Deep Dive (Detailed Review)

Being true to its grand history, Battlefield-V has a fleet of online gaming modes, which is inclusive of the latest Royale mode. Royale is one 100 players free for all module. A single player module has formed a part of this same as the Battlefield 1’s layout.

Grand operations mode has been a classic one which reaches to the peak of the battle @ its brand’s popular notch 32v32. Another the Conquest mode , this awesome control point module which gives you that much needed high by wearing off such opponent’s respawn tickets.

Talking about Grand operations, under both the roles attacker or else defenders the gamer will battle via several scenario- every scenario producing a day during the game. Every day the aim will differ, which will be driven by the outcome from the prior battle.

This mode will certainly take you back in memory lane of Operations Mode of Battlefield 1, however with the use of an improvised range as well as an assurance from the develop of experiencing newer fronts related to the combat.  The initial couple of days would take you in frozen Norway, being in the avatar of German defenders and attempting to survive against British attack.

Day 1 was designed over defense of the anti-cannons against Britain’s paratroopers. The anti-aircrafts were utilized for bring out its planes, on the other hand the defense was on over various major points because attacking party placed their base level troops in the combat.

Subsequent day has been mostly about defending the anti-aircraft guns & heavier artilleries to make the combat even more interesting & exciting indeed. With every passing day the new ever aspects of the game were unfolding to make the game more and more irresistible.

Conquest has been little lighter in cinematic experience with compare to Grand operations. However, it has equally impressive structure start with. It has all the grand key structures like a map driven combat which has been parted using a river as well as high railway bridges. The developed map lay-out has manifold paths getting directed towards each of the control point. It has a structure going vertically across the town. A dense crowd of buildings as well as lanes which are parted using a river & a vast space which makes is ideal for a sniper & these helps in defending the close by control points.

Having a well concentrated battle with a clear aim in focus makes it more & more desirable to play. This has definitely been the focal point for Battlefield franchisee. Staying near to the squad may support in terms of medical & other aid also for revivals. However, keeping up with such focus is difficult during the chaotic battles. As the shakes & shudders during the blasts will surely make it more and more challenging.

While combating in those broken buildings and snowy lanes, keeping focus can be a tricky demand. In between getting blow made of snow as well as smoke gives a much needed kick & shakes as well. Battlefield franchisee has always been ambitious to make a combat look & feel as much intuitive as possible. Battlefield-V has done absolute justice to this commitment.

In this version as well we have choice of using an automobile for improvised mobility; however this gives the least wanted visibility as well to our disadvantage. A well-coordinated team may make most out of the present tanks as well as trucks. Gets the feel of looking in the enemy’s barrel staring at you in that tense moment.

A fine novelty has been the building tool, this helps to ever y player to create fortifications as well as sandbag walls outside the key objectives. Such phenomenon put a new angle to the defense strategy of the gamer where you may find yourself deciding to create the defense or to invest the time in fortifying. You may choose to be surrounded by the direct combat spot.

However, fortification has been not much of help during a combat, coz you may see yourself in attempting to defend a critical control point being violated by the opposition. During Grand operations such may be more critical for getting more and more time for the defenders as well as molding the combat by diverting the attackers.


This is just a glimpse of the oceanic experience of Battlefield-V. Get yourself this combating using your origin coupons. The gamer would surely uncover his everlasting lust for kick & excitement in this master-craft of battle. Those who have yet not experienced the solid ground of Battlefield franchisee surely need to try this inevitably interesting combat regime. The cinematic experience during the blasts & booms will surely take you in the real Warfield zone.

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