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How to Boost up your WiFi speed with an old Router

How to Boost up your WiFi speed with an old Router

Some people have a complaint that they are not getting an adequate amount of WiFi signals in some areas of our building, home or office. In that case, what you can do is switch to a WiFi range extender or add an external antenna to your existing router in order to extend your Internet and wireless signals. But if you have an old router, then we would like to suggest you that don’t waste money on a new device; only do Netgear Router Installation of your existing device and just go with it.

How can you Boost your WiFi Network along with an Old Router

  • Here, you will need two WiFi routers or an Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) modem. It is just similar to Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), a data communication technology that enables faster and more rapid transmission of data over copper telephone lines.
  • An extra long Ethernet cable that will be helpful in connecting both of your devices with each other (two routers or your modem with the router).
  • A wired device (computer or a laptop) to configure the above-mentioned device with it.

Proceed with its setup

After connecting your devices with each other, you are now supposed to open a web browser and after that type in the Netgear Router Default IP into the field of address bar. Also remember if your device is over-heated than unplug all the wires, shut it down for a short while and do not turn on until it is completely cool. You can also switch to the external antennas instead of buying a new device, which will cost you less and place it in the next room to your existing router. The device will automatically broadcast the same network and spread its range all over the house.

Most of the routers have boosting function in-built in it, whereas some needs an update of a firmware. But before going further, carefully pay attention about what your device need and what are you supposed to do.

  1. An old Router: What do you mean by an old router? The term old means a thing that does not last any more. A thing that is not eligible to give you benefits. It is the fact that a new version of router with the latest firmware will meet the needs of the latest technology and provide you the unbeatable speed of Internet at every corner of your house even at dead zones.
  2. Custom Firmware: In clear words, you may actually not need such kind of firmware to generate a boosting feature out of your existing router. You just need to recheck the admin details by the means of Netgear Router Login page to find the exact status of your old device. Note: Your device might need a update, so call your Internet Service Provider or the manufacturer of the device.
  3. Thin object like paper clip or pen: If the things does not go well, don’t worry and just restart your device. Mistakes and disasters take place when you keep messing with your device. So, take the help of a paper clip, press and hold the factory reset hole for 30 seconds and after that release it. Set all the cables in the sequence again and then login to the Netgear Login Router Page and further remember only last two but not the least points.
  4. Rotate your Router into a Repeater with a Stock firmware
  • Nowadays, numerous routers offer a number of smart and technical functions in-built in it. Well, we can also provide step-by-step instructions when you buy a new device and bring it home.
  • You will need the MAC address of your router, note it down from the button of your device.
  • Plug it on and reconnect to the admin page.
  • Enter in the default credentials. That you can have it from ISP or the manual steps.
  • Locate the router nearby modem and the computer.
  • Turn off all the devices that carry the same frequency as of router.
  • Do not overload your device with large files and data.
  1. Rotate your Router into a Repeater with a Custom Firmware
  • Install DD-WRT custom firmware to your device.
  • Set the basic settings and you can also change the wireless network settings from default o your own choice (if needed).
  • The page will reload the settings of Virtual Interfaces Sections as well.
  • Install the network firewall security on your device.
  • Update the firmware of your device timely.

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