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How to Remove Malware from Your Computer?

In this age of rampant cyber attacks, the antivirus software is an absolute necessity. The anti-virus software are designed to keep your PC safe by real-time monitoring, scans and even heuristic analysis of the files, so as to mitigate the threats. However, your PC never becomes foolproof, even with antivirus software. You must always avoid the third-party download sites in order to save your system from becoming a prey to these nasty viruses. There are chances that the details of your cloud data saved on your system might get compromised due to these malware.

If you are sure that your PC is infected by a malware, then take the following steps, almost immediately to ensure that it’s free from malware and virus.

Procedures to Remove Malware

Follow the below-mentioned solutions for removing malware from your laptop or system:

1. Update of your Antivirus program: If there is no antivirus software installed in your PC and then just installs a new one. The antivirus software need to be updated with virus definitions. Systems having out of date anti-virus software are always at the risk of getting infected. The fixes and the problems are solved while running the deep scans during the update of the anti-virus. Along with the antivirus, a secure firewall must be running on all your PCs. If the malware is good at its work, then it even deactivates the antivirus software. 

2. Cutting the Internet: If someone is remotely accessing your PC, it is advisable that you unplug you PC, turn off the Wi-Fi and the router too. Get to the infected PC with a USB Flash Drive. A CD is used for booting the computer, which runs an anti-malware utility. An ISO or IMF file burner utility can also be used. 

3. Portable Antivirus Helps: When everything fails and you are unable to install the antivirus software, then it means that the operating system that is infected and you may need to get around the OS and start using the antivirus. Direct installation is to be avoided with the portable apps, residing on the USB drive. A deeper scan is run on the hard drive is run using a third party PC. A rescue CD image is found, in order to burn from the antivirus vendors.    

There is specialized software like Spybot that target the malware. It is very aggressive and may even cause collateral damages. Some of the legitimate programs may also be removed during scanning. However, the risk is worthwhile compared to the reformatting of the hard disk and the re-installation of the operating system. An image of the clean OS install is used for the purpose of restoration. Enhance your security and be careful. 

4. Reverting To the Old or The Safe: System Restore points in the Windows will be used for resetting the system – a program destroys the Malware from the processes. If this is not working, then it means that Windows is restarted without the malware. Use the Windows Safe Mode for restarting the PC. Hold down the Shift Key in Windows 8 or 10 during the booting sequence. 

The temp files are the places, where the Malware resides. The temp files need to be deleted. Type Disk Cleanup at the Start Menu in Windows and find what can be safely deleted among all the temp files. Finally run the Antivirus on-demand scanner. 

These are some of the ways with the help of which, you can remove malware from your system.

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