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Leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Your Business

Formerly known as Exact Target, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a one-stop solution to enterprise analytics and digital marketing. It is perhaps the most comprehensive social marketing software suite out there, tying together content, engagement, social listening, workflows, advertising, analytics, and automation in a single package. Most other analytical tools will require a long-drawn gathering, installation, and deployment process which is neither easy nor profitable.

Perks of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

The host of options available to users has gone a long way in increasing its popularity among enterprise users. Here are some amazing things you can use this tool for.

  • Social listening to unlock marketing potential by scanning comment threads and interactions across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, forums and so on.
  • Focusing on engagement across social media by starting conversations and reaching out to clients and customers through images, videos, links, sponsored stories and campaigns.
  • Using automation and workflows to organize and streamline all operations by routing relevant content across different channels for quicker response times.
  • Populating social customers’ profiles automatically and creating targeted programs and campaigns based on their interests.
  • Allows you to access and track campaign results from a single unified dashboard or multiple customized dashboards which can be set up through super-convenient widgets.

Aspects of Salesforce Cloud Marketing

Full Interconnected:

You can create a customer experience that is entirely seamless, thus allowing you reach out to all your customers through a unified CRM tool.

Customize for Customers:

You can tailor the brand interaction experience across different channels for both B2B and B2C customers without any hassles.

Automatic Updates:

The app is self-updating and there are several minor and major releases all year round to ensure that you have all the features you need working perfectly.

Custom Apps: You have the option of building apps to market events, campaigns, planning, and budgeting, or even download pre-built apps from the AppExchange to make the most out of Salesforce DX.

Utmost Security in Communication:

When reaching out to customers, irrespective of the size of your customer base, it is very important that your messages are transferred securely. With Marketing Cloud, you know that the data from the CRM is being used to build customized campaigns for bulk as well as one-to-one messages.

Top-Notch Email Campaigns:

Unlock the true potential of email marketing by making engaging emails with personalized, predictive content. Furthermore, you can monitor all ongoing campaigns and transactional messages in real-time with tracking and graph reporting. A/B testing, predictive intelligence, and email deliverability tools are all built in. Email messages can be built on aggregated data from Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and other sources, and can be transactional, triggered or promotional.


Use push messaging, SMS, MMS and group messaging with Mobile Studio based on location, events, proximity and other factors. You can use the Social Media Studio to analyze, engage, observe, and publish content on networks. Use the Customer Success Platform to connect every area of your business with social media. Finally, the Advertising Studio allows you to use customer data to empower your ad campaigns.


Salesforce’s Cloud Marketing Suite now makes it easier for you to integrate business intelligence into ad campaigns than ever, and you must leverage its many features to ensure that you get the most out of your business. Consult an expert to set it up for you, and you can get going in no time. For more information, please visit Flosum.com.


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