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Personality Tests for selection of employment

Quite a large number of employers bring in use personality assessment tests for the selection of employees in order to get to make out individuals who possess something more than academic qualification, skills, and knowledge to prove successful in a position. It is a psychology that possesses the capability to gauge personality and EQ- emotional intelligence by use of which the employers are able to come by information utilized for the process of selection. Personality is said to be a unique collection of constant traits of behaviour. Whereas emotional intelligence is the capability to observe and put across emotions, incorporate emotion in thought, make out and reason by means of emotion, and control emotion. With the utilization of scientific approach adopted for the purpose of hiring, employers may enhance successful employees in number.

Personality & Emotional Intelligence

The relation that is seen amid personality and emotional intelligence for performance in the job is persuasive. Even if potent evidence exists, there that tools meant for cognitive measurement tend to be better predictors with respect to success in the job. One significant cause that they do not prove to be exact predictors is that in the case of job success human personality is an essential factor. But all experts do not hold the view that it is worthwhile to assess cognitive abilities of a worker and personality assessment inventory does not apply everywhere due to its limitations.


The personality of a person is said to be the total sum of ways using which a person reacts to and his interaction with others. It is very frequently described as measurable traits an individual displays. The “big five model” is considered as one among the better models used for measuring personality. It has basic five dimensions that tend to get hold of the most variations concerning human personality. These traits incorporate as 1-emotional stability or neuroticism, 2- extraversion, 3-directness or openness to experience, 4-obligingness or agreeableness, and 5- conscientiousness. These entire job traits are linked to the performance of the job and tend to be predictors of some outcomes as doing away with counterproductive behaviour, minimizing turnover and also absenteeism, showing extra teamwork coupled with leadership, offering efficient customer service, etc.

Personality Test Criticism

There is a great debate within the IO- industrial or organizational psychology field that the personality measures are to be utilized in the selection of employee or not. It is the view of a number of people that personality assessment tests administered for selection of employee are not convincing and are prone to be faked at any time.

There are not sufficient proofs that personality measures may be suggested as perfect or some practical tools for selection of an employee. It is perfect to say here that given to several situations relating to some purposes a few personality measures may give useful predictions. It cannot be set as a rule to say in advance what kind of measures are for which situation or purpose. In a nutshell, it can be said the validity regarding any personality test should be taken according to a specific situation where it is utilized.

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