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Basic things that you didn’t know about SEO

Basic things that you didn’t know about SEO

There are a lot of things your SEO services Auckland Company should tell you. These are just some fundamentals but Google has kept them a secret. We are going to explain these tips clearly for your better understanding.

You shouldn’t Google yourself to know your rank

The best way to know your rank is to go incognito when using Chrome. If you don’t do this then you will never know your actual rank. Google will always show you what you have seen before. This will show that you rank highly when in the real sense you are not even on the top ten pages.

Don’t hurry to optimize for robots

Google has changed and you need to optimize for the people first before optimizing for the robots. The artificial intelligence machine used by Google will easily know whether your site is optimized for the people. Your website should be user-friendly. You can hire an SEO company Auckland to optimize your website for people rather than just robots.

Adwords might not be the answer

You can use adverts to create leads in the short-term but this should not be a large part of your long-term goals. Over 80 percent of people don’t click on the Ads and most people use Ad blockers and won’t even see the ads. You need to have a long term plan that will give you natural organic traffic.

The relevance of your content

Your content should be relevant to your target audience because you won’t be able to rank without relevant content. SEO services Auckland agencies can help you to create relevant content. If your website has a low amount of views then this means that you are not ranking high and you need to use other methods such as social media to increase your ranking. Make sure your content is informative, readable and helpful to your readers.

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