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Essential Tracking Tools for Research and Analytics for Your Affiliate Website

Essential Tracking Tools for Research and Analytics for Your Affiliate Website

If you are planning to monetize your blog or website, there are a few key things that your website needs for increased profits and web traffic. More so, if you are using affiliate links, tracking and testing are two very important aspects that can help your blog earn more footprints and profits effectively. For this, you would need a few essential tracking tools to run research and analytics for your website. When used effectively, these tools would not just help you earn more money but will also make your business a lot of fun.

From tracking the origin of your audience, which pages are they visiting, or which links are they clicking to which color fits the opt-in box for your blog, there is so much that these tools can help you with. If you are associated with an affiliate program you would especially need these tools to keep a track of your numbers using some of the trusted affiliate tracking software.

Testing your blog can help you with huge profits. For instance, if your website is recording around 30,000 readers each month and you were earing a mere $5000, there is no doubt that you can make more profits by researching the audience behaviour using the below recommended tools. With the right use of these tools you will notice how your profits shoot up. In fact, some testers have resulted in 1000% boost in the number of sales and yes, they were in millions of dollars!

Best Blog Testing Tools

Google Analytics

This is a tool most of us are already familiar with it because this is one tool that all bloggers should install on their blog. It’s a perfect place to get all details regarding your website traffic and if your marketing efforts are working. Google Analytics is extremely flexible and user-friendly and helps you to view and evaluate your web traffic details in a completely new way. The tool helps you to write better targeted ads, support your marketing efforts and develop websites with high conversions.

Google Keyword Tool

It gives a right start to a newbie blogger with limited SEO knowledge and who cannot afford a paid tool for keywords but looking for some kind of support with the latest keywords to make more money with their affiliate marketing endeavours. All you need to do is to type the desired keyword for your post, for instance, “beauty hacks” and it generates all the latest most searched related terms on Google. You can now us them as short tail or long tail keywords, tags, or meta keywords to get a better rank in Google. It will also tell you which keyword can get the most traffic and so, you can accordingly choose the one that suits your post.

Yahoo Site Explorer

This tool is wonderful for link building to help you rank high in the popular search engines. Since you need a lot of good links to get a good rank, you must find someone who ranks higher than you in the same niche. Simply put their url in the Yahoo Site Explorer tool and it will show you all the sites related to the niche. Now, all you need to do is to visit these sites and exchange links, work out advertising deals, and write guest blogs.

Go Try This

This is especially great for those associated with affiliate programs and works somewhat similar to the affiliate tracking software. This tool tells you what is converting and from where are you getting your numbers for instance, where your affiliate links are getting clicked. So, for example, if you are promoting beauty products for Flipkart and you want to know which page or post is getting the most conversions, Go Try This will tell you exactly from which page you are getting the most clicks. Moreover, it also helps redirect your URL so, instead of using a long affiliate URL, you can use the trimmed down versions like the ones from Bitly.


Despite the no-so accurate results related to the web traffic data, it is a pretty useful tool. It’s a website that ranks mostly all websites in the world along with the data of number of people visiting a site who are using the toolbar.

Google website Optimizer

This is one of the most popular tools these days that enable you to run a test on the different aspects of your blog. For instance, if you are not sure if the sidebar is doing well in terms of sales, you can create second sidebar and use this tool to find out which side bar is getting you the most clicks.

Crazy Egg

This is just the right tool to find out details about the audience, which part of your page they are looking at, which links are they clicking and so on.


If you are buying an advertising space, Quantcast helps you to view who your reader is and they demographics like where they live, their age, their income, and so on.

Market Samurai

This is a tool that helps unravel the gold-nugget keywords each of which can send hundreds or thousands of visitors to your website every day for free. This tool helps you to find out how to beat the competition and get a place in the first page of Google for high-traffic keywords in days or weeks.

Website Grader       

With this tool you can get to know all about your website, how is it performing in the search engines, if it’s getting enough traffic, the number of social media sites it’s linked to, and more.

Tips to Increase the Affiliate Clicks

Go to your most visited web page using the Google Analytics and run CrazyEgg on this post. This page should essentially have a mention of the affiliate product you are selling to get the maximum benefits. Now, keep a track of the clicks using a trusted affiliate tracking software and if after a couple of days, it has still not received any clicks at all, you can start using a STOP sign to attract attention. Make sure it matches your site layout.

As an affiliate blogger it’s important to keep a track of which pages are getting the highest clicks and are actually converting. This will help you to compare your pages and accordingly take an action. So, get going with these essential tools and start making money.

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