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Most Stupid Mistakes in SEO Made By the Smart Bunch

A universal truth is that mistakes do happen. It doesn’t count whether you are new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or have loads of experience. In fact, some of the smartest members of the industry have made stupid mistakes.

What is the main reason for such mistakes? Firstly, there is an enormous amount of disinformation regarding SEO in the online platform. Some of the most stupid mistakes made by smart persons are as follows:

Focusing on bots rather than humans

It is a fact that the days of chasing algorithms or worse, attempting to trick search engines is long past. In spite of this, people put Bots above real humans; this leads to ineffective schemes like specific length of content, keyword stuffing and manipulative tactics for linking.

As per this line of thinking, people are driven to do what they think as what bots or search engine algorithms are searching for, which is counterproductive in current SEO.

The reason is that to rank well, you must satisfy human visitors. This is possible with a mobile friendly website with highly enjoyable user experience, which loads fast and is full of lots of well written, original and useful content.

Your first focus must be on satisfying human visitors. After all, they are the ones who will be buying your products. This is an important lesson for every SEO agency in India.

Focusing on tactics instead of strategies

A big problem is that people tend not to understand the differences between strategies and tactics. This leaves them aimless and inefficient.

For achieving substantial long term success, you need to understand the difference between the two and the role played by them in relation to one another.

Strategy: A big picture focus that will provide a substantial competitive advantage.

Tactics: Actions to be taken to achieve that strategy.

For instance, a home builder may create a strategy to utilize SEO for attracting home buyers who are interested in expensive homes. For this, he will use tactics like publishing content on high-tech equipment which will attract his target demographics- like wine refrigerators, hi-tech air-purifiers etc.

Ignoring crucial KPI ( Key Performance Indicators)

When originally people started to sell advertising on websites, the metrics most relied on was ‘hits’. Hits were wrongly perceived as page views.

But the fact was that when a webpage was accessed, everything had to be down loaded such as every distinct font, JavaScript, image file, CSS, and all of which were counted as extra hits that led to a wide perception of highly inflated volume of traffic.

Many unethical publishers exploited this false perception by adding extra images to websites, at times in dozens or hundreds. These would be invisible to visitors but the aim was to inflate their hit count artificially, so as to be able to sell advertisements at very high rates. It is clear that this is a horrible metric for tracking.

While today, marketers may no longer keep track of ‘hits’, many of them still focus a lot on equally vague metrics such as likes, follower count and inbound links.

These are all some major mistakes made by SEO experts.

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