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Advantages in Using Media Advertisement for Businesses

Stiff competition across the commercial sector for every business enterprise has forced entrepreneurs to resort to the advertisement. This is the only alternative and perhaps the best way to take your business to the customer. SMS and MMS companies provide an avenue for advertisement.

Establishing the brand

When over 80% of the people use the mobile phone for shopping, it becomes a valuable tool for marketing. The means of reaching the customer becomes easy, and it covers a significant majority of the population. The conversion rate increases the customer has heard about the company beforehand. Faced with a choice of brand, the customer is more likely by 47% to choose the brand he is more familiar with, or at least heard of, than some brand that is new to him.

Of all the types of advertising, the media advertising is 60% more effective. This was seen in the survey conducted for a group of people regarding their use of Facebook and Twitter and how the ads in these affected their buying decision. The more the people heard about a product, the more affinity they develop and become ready to buy it.

Introduce your product to the people

Simply sending an SMS about your product will open the thoughts of the public to the existence and the dimensions of your product. They may not pay much attention to it but when faced with a buying decision, they will opt for your product. Since this works so effectively, many companies send SMS messages about their product at least once a day if not more.

If you have an event planned, you can message the participants on its progress. It serves as a publicity platform as well as a communique. Most public events need the publicity to survive and grow in their field. Use the services of the SMS provider to send mass SMS and MMS to thousands at a time. This serves to save time and effort – imagine sending individual SMS to a thousand people!

Widen your reach

When you add SMS and MMS to your marketing strategy, you improve the chances of increasing the sales turnover. Almost 80% of the people have at least one mobile phone. If you send an SMS or MMS about the product you make or sell, they will all get the message on their phones. It is seen that 40% of the people never open ads, and at least 48% will read the ad at some time or the other if you send it twice a day.

Another strategy many companies adopt is to run a competition. The idea is to distribute prizes and free gifts to the users and participants. By sponsoring the event, your company becomes recognized locally. This establishes it as a brand that does good things putting it on the side of the angels with the customers.

Any company not using the SMS or MMS advertising is losing on a valuable segment of the market.

With these inherent advantages, it is a wise decision to opt for SMS or MMS advertising for the growth of your business.

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