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Best Mobile Provider in Australia

When we receive our very first mobile phone, the carrier or service provider is the least of our worries. The excitement of the very first personal phone is definitely enough to supersede any other problem. And more often than not, we don’t pay attention to the phone carrier as much as we should.

Back in the day, the worst thing about phone carriers was that they offered certain contracts that went up to two years. This meant that you’re basically stuck with one carrier regardless of whether you like the service or not. However, with the introduction and rise of different and newer mobile phone carriers, annual contracts are definitely a thing of the past – and rightly so.

Move over Vodafone, Jeenee Mobile’s Coming Through

One of the best mobile phone carriers currently in Australia is Jeenee Mobile, running on the Optus network. Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, Telstra were all amazing carriers and had their fair share of fame during their time but with new mobile providers like Jeenee pulling through, they had to share the spotlight whether they liked it or not.

Although Jeenee is a relatively newer addition to the list of mobile carriers in Australia, they have presented remarkable and affordable packages that have really helped the company to up their game. One of the game changers that Jeenee brought to the table were the packages designed exclusively for people with disabilities, and they did so by partnering with Deaf Australia.

Make a Difference

Jeenee’s Make a Difference program has a lot to offer. The mobile network provider is basically a not-for-profit organisation with the main agenda to make life easier for the people who suffer from disabilities such as deafness and dumbness.

In Jeenee’s own words:

The Make a Difference program is at the heart of what we do. It’s the reason Jeenee Mobile was created – to help people with disabilities access and use technology to improve their lives. By being a customer with us, you are already helping us donate free services, run training programs and provide continual support for people living with a disability.“

Exclusive Packages

Before the introduction of Jeenee’s exclusive packages, members of the Deaf community in Australia have had a hard time trying to get mobile carrier providers to tailor packages according to their needs and requirements. Often times, people from the deaf community have had to pay for services that are rather useless to them – such as voice calling.

Jeenee’s exclusive package has put an end to these worries. Their Unlimited Text SIM gives users unlimited texting, voice to text voicemail, PIN identification option, 150MB of data and similar features from other SIM packages. The voice to text feature makes it a lot easier for people from the deaf community because they now have the option to receive voicemails that get translated to texts so they understand it better. Deaf Australia congratulates Jeenee Mobile in their kind and thoughtful venture!

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