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Drupal – Website Development Platform – Easy to Use and Deploy

Drupal is free, open source, website development platform used by one or many users. One does not require any technical skills for creating and managing various types of Web sites. Drupal has content management platform and development framework. Content management system (CMS) is for web application design – writing and editing the contents. Drupal development framework uses PHP as the logical programming language and MySQL as the database. The operating system is Linux as on server. Drupal pages are first built. Apache software fetches these pages based of the requests and delivers them.

Several Companies provide Drupal web development services that are secure, scalable, modular and fast. Approbation, Orange Mantra, Sparx and others provide following Drupal services:

  • Drupal Development: Drupal websites are made customised for clients. While creating the website, the developer ensures the cross-browser compatibility, SEO optimization and clarity of codes and more. Below are various types of Drupal websites CMS any client can select from:

  • Content management system
  • Corporate website
  • E-Commerce websites
  • Educational websites
  • Intranet applications
  • News media websites
  • Newsletters
  • Publishing Company website
  • Drupal Consulting: Experts provide clients interested in Drupal programming project. They make suggestions for suitable themes and scopes. Clients are given consultancy from beginning phase to end of programming stage. Even the client’s ideas are heard, discussed and implemented by experts.

  • Custom Web Design and Development: Customised Web designs and development are specially created for individual client. Experts discuss the needs of the clients before they begin develop the application. All experts have work experience with all types of Drupal CMS websites. Hence, it is easy for them to make best suggestions.

  • Drupal Installation and Migration: Database design based on requirements is made for clients. When new database is in use, database is installed. Older Drupal versions, database is migrated by the experts.

  • SEO and Online Marketing: Search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing are necessary. These are onsite and offsite strategies of latest social media optimization techniques. These are special Drupal development services offered by competitive Companies.

  • Custom Module Development: Business requirements are based on customised functions of Drupal and its modules. Depending on the requirements, the latest version of Drupal (7, 8, X) is used.

  • Template Design, Development and Customisation: The Drupal developer team interprets how a user would interact and experience with client’s website. An existing theme is selected and slightly modified to suite the functionality of the website.

  • CMS Maintenance and Support:  There is a special CMS maintenance service. They provide 24×7 technical supports for troubleshooting, upgrading, code fault analysis and more.

  • E-Commerce Development: Drupal commerce is used mainly for business and retail industries. Company experts customise client’s shops, carts and provide easy navigation. Finally, any valid visitor can buy using debit/credit card via secured payment system.

Drupal web applications including e-commerce sites and services are many. There are several online Companies that provide comprehensive and valuable services. It is advisable to contact the experts online to seek their advice.

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