Home TechHave you tried 9apps yet? If not, then have a look at it
Have you tried 9apps yet? If not, then have a look at it

Have you tried 9apps yet? If not, then have a look at it

Google Play Store and Apple Store are the usually the one stores on Android and iOS that people tend to use on their device. But there are some more stores available which search you even better functionalities and are easily available. Many prefer 9app over every other app store. Well, app stores are a necessity for us. Or else how are we supposed to work our devices if there are no applications installed. Different applications are available for us that are made for different purposes. It is a basic requirement on an electronic device.

9app install is one of the easiest ones. You will find groups of applications already segregated for you. The sections are of games, movies, photography, lifestyle and so on. Many well-reputated apps are available here. The app size is 3.4 MB and is compatible with Android 4.0+. It is actually supported by Android only currently. There are almost 20 million+ users who have downloaded it. The latest version on its website is It gives you fast downloadable files of unlimited apps, music, games, wallpapers etc. for free. It is safe and secure to download, updates are regularly made available and you get notified for the same, it is compatible in all Android versions and moreover, it is a UI that is simple as well as easy to use.

What are the most important features apart from the above mentioned ones?

  • It is a lightweight application.
  • The download speed is very fast.
  • There is a one-touch update present for all the apps on it.
  • The UI is stylish and has a curvy design with bright colors.
  • There is an In-built app uninstaller.
  • The file manager has also been provided.
  • Both SD card’s and phone memory storage options are available.
  • The APK files get automatically deleted after the installation has been completed.
  • The response time is very fast.
  • Recommendation section is present.
  • There is a coupon zone too! You will find numerous e-commerce site discount coupons which you will extremely love.

It is a third-party marketplace. But still, there are other benefits provided for you too like product comparison and fun zone. The developers were really smart to have reduced the size and make an application which is less than 3 MB in size. It is unimaginable. You will get the option to online stream videos and music. The genre you want can be easily found on it. 9app install is much easier now also. You just have to go to their official website and download the file on your device. Go through the steps of the installation process and then you will get the app downloaded.

If you want an application that does everything for you, 9app is the one. It is the one platform that you have to land on. It should be your first and last search for an app store and entertainment source. You will be really happy about using it.

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