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How Oracle Migrations Tool Makes The Migration Simple

Oracle offers numerous options to migrate the services and assist you in optimizing the usage of Oracle technology. With the resource and tools, you can migrate your Oracle services to any extent. If you are an Oracle SQL developer, then you can use the advanced Oracle migration tools to relocate the non-oracle database to the Oracle database server. In fact, these inbuilt tools can save the time and reduce the risk during migration. When the process is in the initial stage, the SQL developers can help you during the migration execution. However, when it is the final stage, the SME can assist in efficient migration by using the latest technology. Once you have decided to move your database, let’s get started with the experienced SQL developer.

Tools for Migration

When it comes to migrating the database, you can use the efficient tools such as Teradata, Ms Access, Informix, Sybase, IBMd2 and even more. The applications should be able to support the Oracle database that are listed below

·         Microsoft SQL server 7.0, 20008R1, 2008 R2, 20005

·         Microsoft Access 97, 2002, 2000, 2003,20007

·         MySQL 3.x, 4.x,5.x

·         IBM DB2 LUW 8.X, 9.X

·         Sybase Adaptive Server 12, Sybase 15

·         Teradata

·         Informix Dynamic server 7.3, 9.1, 9.3,9.4

·         IBM DB2/400, V4R3, V4R5

Some highly advanced migration tools take the advantages of all the high-end tools. These tools will simplify the process of migrations. There are different types of migration techniques, which might follow the different procedure but at the end, migration is successful.

 What are the different Migration techniques?

·  Simultaneous upgrades

·  Consolidation of data sets

·  Simultaneous reconfiguration while migrating the host

·  Jumps across all the versions of the Oracle software

·  Dynamic Migration to slow down or speed up the migration process.

Online migration

Online Migration is used anywhere especially when you are using the Golden oracle software. It is also used when the database is limited with the short RTO. The synchronization of the Oracle database is quite easy during the online migration.

Offline Migration

When the Oracle database is very long, you can migrate the service using offline migration. This is preferred when you don’t use the Golden Gate software. Oracle golden gate migration is another option for you.

Cloud Migration

If you want to migrate the Oracle service to Oracle database using the cloud, then you can follow the given procedures.

1.       Just invoke Data Pump Export and export the on-premise DB when you use the on-premise database host.

2.       Once you have exported, connect it to the Oracle Database Cloud service. After that, you should use the security copy to migrate the dump file to cloud service computer node in Oracle.

3.       Invoke the data pump Import in the Oracle DB cloud service node. Then, you need to invoke the data pump Import and transfer into the database.

4.       As soon as you ensure the successful data migration, delete that dump file.


Oracle Advanced support Gateway helps to deliver the Oracle Migration service wither locally or remotely during the disconnected mode. The process of Oracle database migration is simple and easy by using the online and offline migrations.

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