We have all gone through the time when you wanted to save a clip you saw on YouTube for watching offline later, or in better conditions, but you ended up getting not getting it or downloading a mediocre clip with poor audio-visual quality. There are many dedicated applications and websites for helping us download these videos currently, yet many are paid and the ones which remain free offer subpar services. TubeMate Video Downloader is the name of one such application that is free and offers premium-like services without the hassle and struggle one would associate with free software.

What is TubeMate Video Downloader?
Tubemate video downloader is the state of the art one-stop application anyone can use from either their PC or their Android smartphones. They can avail all the services the application has to offer without registering with an account or paying a fee for its competitive features. Using this proprietary software, pc or Smartphone users can be guaranteed to obtain any videos they may come across on YouTube but couldn’t download earlier due to restrictions or any other issue.
It comes in two variants for personal use: Tubemate for PC and Tubemate Downloader Android. Tubemate for PC is strictly for windows use, but a version for iOS using gadgets has also been made available.
Why it’s Advantageous to Use TubeMate Video Downloader Instead of Other Similar Apps?
While there are other applications designed for this same purpose, many of the positive features of Tubemate, the developers can proudly say, is available only in either paid or premium apps and sites. For instance:
  1. Download YouTube Videos on Any Smartphone or Tablet:
Tubemate Downloader Android allows users to download YouTube videos even when they have logged off their pc. They can customize the speed and download time too.
  1. Resuming Failed Video Downloads and More:
Tubemate for PC and its counterpart, Tubemate Downloader Android both have this feature wherein it allows users to resume a download in case the process failed due to any unforeseeable reasons. Moreover, users have the freedom to pause and resume any video they are downloading at anytime, anywhere.
  1. TubeMate Variable Speed Management:
TubeMate for PC and TubeMate Downloader Android both give their users the freedom to regulate their download speed and also have the opportunity to use multiple parallel connections to get a better speed
  1. In-Built Converter:
The Tubemate app also comes with a converter built within the app so that people aren’t bothered with using other apps for the same purpose.

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