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How to Increase your Productivity at Work

At a workplace, emergence of production, innovation, and efficiency has always been a key that helps in making the most of your time. But the viewpoint is that constant productivity is not possible without some smart tips and tricks. Amongst all the tricks, it mainly requires you to deliberately register for quick and fast bachelor’s degree online to increase output and productivity at work.

Here, you’ll get to know about some efficient as well as effective ways to increase productivity at work.

Track and Limit time that you spend on Tasks

You might think that you are pretty good at gauging the time that you spend on various tasks. But, there are some research which show that only a few people estimate about their productivity hours accurately. Hence, you need to evaluate about the time that is spent on daily tasks including social media, email, apps, and more.

Set Self-imposed Breaks

While we think stress as one of the bad things, a manageable self-imposed stress regarding deadlines would be helpful in meeting goals. For independent tasks, you must try giving yourself certain deadline and then stick to it. You’ll wonder about your productivity level when watching the clock during working hours.

Take Regular Breaks

However the concept is not practically considered at most places, it helps in maintaining a constant level of performance. When you take some scheduled breaks, it actually improves your concentration. On the other side, if you work at a certain task without any break, it may eventually lea towards decline in performance.

Follow the “two-minute rule”

According to the most influential content strategist Steve Olenski, implementation of two minute rule results in making the most of small windows of time at work. He refers that if you have a task to be completed in two minutes or less, do it immediately rather than getting back to it later. He further adds up that it makes you complete the task right away in less time than even regular.

Quit multitasking

Where we think that the ability of multitasking is a core skill for increasing efficiency, it results oppositely in fact. Recently, psychologists have found out that when you attempt to do several tasks at once, it reduces the productivity and also the time is not utilized efficiently. Hence, it is advisable to make a habit of completing one task at one time before heading over to the next project.

Give up on the Illusion of Perfection

Believe it or not, perfection is an illusion. Most entrepreneurs hang up on the attempts to perfect a task; which is nothing as such in reality. So, when you are assigned a task, make sure to bang out your task to the maximum ability and move on to the next project. It is always helpful to fulfill your task and move the responsibility off your plate; and come back to make adjustments, if any need be.

Just say “No” to Unproductive Meetings

However meetings are one of the biggest time-sucks, yet we used to spend most of our time in attending them unquestioningly and eventually complain about it at the end. According to some research, it is observed that average office workers spend almost more than 31 hours in unproductive meeting each month. So, you must make sure if it accomplishes a task on email, phone, or web based meeting before scheduling the next time-consuming unproductive meeting.

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