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Medical exam requirements to Apply for Visa

An individual usually doesn’t require to undergo medical exam unless intends to work in certain jobs. You don’t need to go through the medical exams if you are going for the six months or less. But if the time span is more than that, it would surely be for either work or residence and then you need a medical exam.

Who can do your exam?

You are supposed to see a doctor on the list of panel physicians as they are accredited by the authority. Your personal doctor cannot perform the medical exam. The panel physician will medically examine your completely. Moreover, you might also be referred for the chest x-rays and laboratory tests as well. Once you are done with the exams, the physician will send us the results. The panel physician is only responsible for providing the visa medical report Abu Dhabi, it does not make the final decision about medical exam. It’s actually the authority that decides if there is a problem with your medical exam. For that, the applicant will be contacted through writing.

Ways to get Your Exam

There are mainly two ways you can get your medical exam through. Though it depends upon the applied program as well but there are two major ways only. Once you submit the Application, just wait for the instructions. In this case particularly, it’s really important for the applicant to go for the medical exams within 30 days of receiving the instructions from the Visa office. In case you weren’t available to undergo this procedure within 30 day, your application will be refused.

Get you Exam before Submitting the Application

This is known as an upfront medical exemption. First, you would be required to contact the panel physician in order to get the medical examination if you apply as a;

  • Student
  • Worker
  • Visitor

Once you are done with the medical exam, your doctor will give you a document confirming that you have had a medical exam. A copy of that document along with the application will be attached.

What to bring?

  1. Whenever you go to the appointment, it’s essential for you to bring;
  2. Proper identification (you will need at least your photograph, document and signature, just like driver’s license, passport and national identity card)
  3. Contact lenses or eye glasses if you wear them more often.
  4. Any other test results or medical reports that you have regarding your either current or previous medical condition.
  5. The Medical Report form, if you do not have an up-front medical exam. The visa office will send you this form.

The medical exam results are actually valid for almost a year. If you don’t come to UAE as a visitor, student or worker within that time, you would be required to have another exam. In case you want a copy of visa medical report Abu Dhabi, please ask the doctor whenever you get a chance to get in touch with him.


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